StobesNMore wouldn't accept a return because the package was opened

Columbia, South Carolina 1 comment

Strobes N More sells strobe lights for emergency vehicles.My son, 18, just became a volunteer fireman.

He asked me to order strobe lights for his truck to respond to calls for Christmas. He found their website on line. He opened the package, plugged the light up to his cigarette lighter to see what the light looked like. We immediatly realized that because of his tinting that the light was not visible enough.

I returned it within the 10 days required. They would not accept the return b/c it was opened.

If you cannot try a product how do you know .Never order anything from them!


Longview, Texas, United States #587583

That's your own fault for not investigating a product!You know there are things such as youtube these days right?

Plus I know *** well that they accept open packages back because I have personally returned an open item to them.Stop trolling companies for your mistakes.

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